Computer Languages

Most of my source code can be found in GitHub at

Historically I have used scripting and programming language skills to solve problems.

My earliest problem solving using coding was to build a Bulletin Board System on an 8088 PC Clone in 1985/6, so that my friends with modems could dial-in to my computer and copy files.
I wrote a dBase interface for my comic collection, and batch files to automate tasks that I wanted to shorten.

Professionally, I began solving problems with code in 1992, as a teen in charge of several computer labs, I wrote a GWBasic application which I called Tracker. I used this program to collect utilization of the lab applications and report usage. (Wordperfect, Harvard Graphics, Lotus 123). I also wrote a relay chat program to allow our computer teams to communicate across our Novell network., which I simply called Chat.

I am not a programmer by trade, but I am certainly a problem solver and believe strongly in timesaving through automation of repetitive tasks.

Recently I have used PowerShell to update settings on thousands of computers, as well as collecting information as needed.

In early 2010's, I developed custom code for Drupal, developed an iOS app to allow managing Blog entries with Photos for WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, with accompanied plugins. Some of those packages are available for free on my github.

* Voting Dibs module - Extends the functionality of the Plus1 voting module and allows users to call "dibs" on a node.

* Custom Add Block - A custom block of Icons that allows an icon menu for adding new nodes.

* Commerce AllProducts list - A simple table view of all products in a Drupal Commerce store.

* Commerce Order Tracking - Add package tracking info to a Drupal Commerce Order.

* Commerce Shipping Report - Add a shipping cost report tab to Commerce Reports.

Source code: